Categorization of skills

Based on user request, a new feature is added to Unkludge GoalTrack. The details are given below. For any questions or clarifications, do send an email at


An Organisation could have quite a large number of skills in the template. Suppose there are 5 skills each belonging to two disciplines Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy, in the combined skills listing, there was no way of grouping them as a category – the order may be jumbled across disciplines. A hypothetical example for a category would be that the skills ‘Fine Motor Skills’ and ‘Gross Motor Skills’ belong to the ‘Occupational Therapy’ category.

Creating Categories

When supervisors click on the Skills tab, they will have the option to create new categories by clicking on the ‘Categories’ button

Set Category of existing skill

This can be done by clicking ‘Edit’ in the image above and in the dialog for editing skill, select the category that you created and click ‘Save’.

Is Category mandatory

Not at all. You can continue working as before. However, it might be good in case the number of skills across disciplines is too many.

Other changes

In addition to this, there are only some cosmetic changes to the user interface.

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