Home Program

Now goals can be marked as ‘Home Program’ by the therapists. We all understand that the child is with the therapists for a very limited time every day and major part of the day is spent with the parents/care givers. This time can be utilised to do activities with the child to achieve specific goals. These are the goals which the therapists will mark as ‘Home Program’

How to mark a goal for home program

To mark a goal for home program, go to the goals page (of a skill). There you will find a toggle button called ‘Home Program’. Click on it to enable it. In case you want to revert toggle it again.

Also on the sidebar you will see a ‘Home Program’ link which will take you to all goals under home program.

Clicking on the link takes you to a list of only the home program goals


How to Clients see the home program goals?

In the client login, a ‘Home Program’ tab is added where the client can see all the home program goals.

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