The Calendar (Beta)

We are happy to announce the beta availability of the calendar which will help schedule sessions for the therapists in an organisation. The clients will also be able to see their schedule in their login portal. Please use the feature and give us any suggestions for improvement. Add on features that are coming up are invoicing help by generating monthly report (past or future months) and also addition of the calendar to the mobile app.

Making a calendar entry

New menu item calendar is added for admin/supervisor/staff where you get option to see Staff and Students’ calendar. To create a session, click on one of the yellow slots which will bring up the reservation dialog.

Select a student from the student drop down box and also the end time of the session, then click ‘Save’ to save the session.

Recurring Sessions

Most of the time, organisations have to reserve recurring sessions – mostly when we do not know how many sessions are required. For this, click on the ‘Recurring’ check box which enables the ‘# Weeks’. You can select the number of weeks or ‘Forever’ if you are not sure how many sessions will be needed.  Don’t worry you can remove sessions at any point or from any date on wards.

Student’s section

The student as well as the staff can see a student’s calendar by clicking on the ‘Calendar -> Students’ in the side bar. (Students when they login will be able to see only their own session information). Staff can select the student whose sessions they want to see.

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