Add custom goals per child

Though it is recommended that we have a standard template of skills for children, each child would need a unique goal that needs to be worked on. With this in mind, a new feature is added where you can add a goal and objectives for a specific child.

Creating a custom goal

Select a student and a skill. In that page you can see the active goals. What you will see is a new ‘CREATE CUSTOM GOAL’ button. Press this button and fill the goal details. This goal will be specific to that student.

In the listing of the goal, you will see two new options “Edit” and “Delete” to edit or delete the goal respectively later. However, it is recommended that you do not delete or edit such goals as the original intent of adding the goal might not get tracked.




Objectives work as earlier except that you can now add objectives for a student under a custom goal. In the objectives page, you will see an ‘ADD’ button at the bottom of objectives list. This can be used to add new objectives.

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